Nyxio Technologies is committed to convergence by developing a wide range of next generation products and complementary accessories, including tablet PCs, smart TVs, all-in-one PCs and mobile media viewers.

The VioSphere

VioSphere Genius TV

Nyxio’s flagship product, the VioSphere Genius TV is the first fully integrated flat-screen TV and touch screen PC on the market. With fully integrated components, including a built-in Blu-Ray/DVD/RW, Bluetooth, touch screen, Wi-Fi, webcam, and wireless keyboard; the VioSphere saves space, time, money and energy. Also available in non-touch screen version.

Venture MMV

The Venture Mobile Media Viewer (MMV) is a new class of personal, portable video eyewear that allow consumers the ability to watch movies, listen to music and other content hands-free with a cinematic view. The Venture presents the viewer a 61″ virtual screen with stereo sound.

Vuzion Smart TV

The Vuzion Smart TV with Android OS is equipped with a webcam, wireless remote, built-in microphone, and speakers, this HD television offers HDMI, VGA, USB, web browsing, stored personal content, and gaming. To expand its entertainment capabilities, use the Android Market to download and use all of your favorite Android applications and games.

Realm All-In-One PC/TV

The Realm All-In-One PC/TV combines the latest in PC technology with HDTV for you and your family.

Ascend Smart Keyboard

The Ascend Smart Keyboard takes the desktop PC to the next level by housing the PC within the keyboard. Ascend is a keyboard AND personal computer in one sleek design. With the Ascend, you get the versatility and portability of a laptop with the benefit of transforming any TV or monitor into a fully-functioning computer.